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Customer Asked Moving Related Questions

How much should you pay for moving help will depend on 

  • Location 
  • Time
  • Hours worked
  • Demand
  • What the moving help job entails

Location. Your zip code is a major price factor when it comes to moving help, just like home prices location is the major pricing factor and so it also affects everything else like moving help. You could see 10 to 15 percent price increase in the cost of moving help for the cities within the same county.

Time. Timing is everything when it comes to booking moving help. The earlier you reserve helpers the better you price for helper will be. Avoid late or last minute bookings, if you happen to be in this situation expect a premium of 15 to 25% price increase per hour.

Hours Worked. Like most service jobs. Prices are based on a per hour basis if you have a job that would require more time to complete expect to pay more than if you had a small job that would need less time. Be aware that most movers require at least a 2 hour minimum for two men and a three-hour minimum for 1 helper.

Demand. If you live in largely populated cities you should expect cheaper prices for moving help. If you are located in more diverse and multicultural areas, expect even more price reduction in movers per hour. Now if you live in less populated areas, demand for movers are usually higher and so this will generally increase your moving cost 15 to 20 percent. 

What the moving help job entails. Moving a couch is not the same as moving a gun safe or a piano. More skills and energy is required and so most times the more you have to move that include difficult or delicate items the more you will have to pay for the skills and additional men to move.

In conclusion, you should expect to pay $30 to $60 per hour per man for moving help.



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Comparing how much it would cost to use movers and doing the move yourself with help of friends and family will depend on factors such as the size of move and distance of move from one home location to the next home location or storage unit.

Here are so factors to consider

  • Locations
  • Size
  • Special Items
  • Time

Locations. Every move will have a point A and point B that items have to be moved to. 

  • This could be moving on site or same home
  • Local relocation under 50 miles or,
  • Long distance relocation over 50 miles.

All three options can be reasonably done yourself with the help of family and friends, but as you move from the in-home move situation to moving local or long distance, the level of difficulty beginning to mount. In most situations you may be needing some kind of moving assistance for most long distances moves, whether it be hiring a driver or a portable storage company such as ZippyShell or general moving labor to help load and unload the truck or container.

Size. Yes, size of a home or stuff you have to move will determine the final cost, this should not be a surprising fact, what surprises most forks is the realization that they had underestimated or overestimated how much stuff they have. This will result in you overpaying or overpaying. Yes, I repeated overpaying twice. Let's take for example. You think it would take four hours to move a 2 bedroom home to a storage unit 5 miles down the road, you then hire movers for about four hours of work and it ends up been 2 hours of work. You have overpaid because you estimated wrong. Now, what if you underestimate the size of your 2 bedroom apartment and rent a 10-foot truck to move you to your new apartment 40 miles away. You then load this truck and realize you will have to make two trips. We get this situation 35% of the time when customers rent the wrong size truck, so you going to drive double the miles and move time will double and cost for labor if you hire labor will double, resulting in you overpaying again.

You want to be very practical with size estimation or talk with a moving specialist when you shop for quotes to give you hints at what you may be missing when estimating time to move.

Special Items. So you got this cool home with fish tanks and pool tables delivered right to your doorstep from a few late night purchases on Amazon. Its move time and you not sure how to move this to your new home, while you would most likely be needing the help of some pros in some way to help with your move, this would definitely increase the cost of your move compared to if you had none of those items to move. The best way to move various special items would be to do this all at once. This would reduce the cost, so the company that moves your piano should be able to move that pool table too, moving these items separately would definitely double or triple the final cost of your move. 

The good news is there are very few items a good local pro team of moving helpers cant move with your rental truck in hand if you are looking to save.


Ok so let's break this down for a local and long distance move. for local moves, you would only need two men on a long distance move you would need two separate local teams at each location to load and unload. We manage 45 percent of our moves this way

Local Move Under 50 miles

  • 26 FT Box Truck Rent (including gas and miles): $65 - $120
  • Local Moving help/Labor (2 men load and unload): $220 - $440

Long Distance Move

  • 26 FT Box Truck Rent (including gas and miles): $650 - $1200
  • Local Moving help/Labor (2 men, 2 separate local teams, load and unload): $440 - $1000
Yes, you can definitely hire movers to just unload your rental truck or portable container, as a matter of fact, you can hire movers to perform various aspects of your move from loading a truck or container to packing and un If you need assembly and disassembly work done, it is also possible to hire mover per hour to get numerous move tack done. 
To get a good idea what it would cost to move a 2 bedroom apartment you have to consider a few factors and answer these questions
  • Is your move local or long distance?
  • Are you on the 1st floor or 7th floor?
  • How many beds and dressers?
  • Moving the washer and dryer?
  • How many refrigerators?
  • How large are your dinner table and chairs?
  • How many boxes are you expecting to have?
  • Would you be needing packing help?
  • Do you have a garage?
  • How long have you lived at your current location?
  • Would you be using moving helpers and a rental truck or hiring a full-service company?

For more moving details read more here

Yes, you can hire local movers to move furniture around the house for you. Hire move helpers in your neigborhood.

Yes, you can tips movers if you please.

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